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TM Headers & New Plugs; Same Gas Milage


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March 10, 2001
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Raleigh, NC
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1997 5.0L AWD XLT
I've had my new TM headers on for a few months now, but I haven't noticed any improvment in the overall gas milage. I was expecting to see something, especially after changing the plugs and wires also. But I'm still gettig around 15mpg (half city/half highway). I'm doing the same run I do every weekend, so nothing else has changed.

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Have you disconnected the battery for awhile then reconnected it?

Long enough to reset my check engine light when that came on. How long should it be disconnected for?

- EDIT -
Actually, thinking about it, it was disconnected the whole time I was changing the headers. So, about 2 weeks or so.

15-20 secs.

Did you fell a power difference after the install?

Maybe a little, but it's hard to say if it was just in my head or not.

Do you still get a check engine light?

Oh no, that was unrelated.

I would contact torquemonster and talk to them about it. Do you have an aftermarket intake?

Nope, everything else is stock.

Well I remember recommending them to you.
Also you had your share of bad luck on the install, Bet you hate me :(

Are you driving the same way, or are you maybe enjoying them a bit?

I know I played with mine.

No no, I don't regret getting them. They solved the long-standing ticking sound I had and allowed me to replace with the EGR tube. And even though the install didn't go perfectly, it was still a great learning experience.

I don't think I'm driving any differently. I've had them a couple of months now, so the newness has worn off.

Could it be because I still have the stock intake, and that's just too restrictive to see any difference with the TM headers? Does anyone else run a stock intake with these?

regardless of whatever else is going on here- get a decent air filter on the truck

as far as gas mileage gains from the headers- doesn't really surprise me too much that you haven't seen a real noticeable one.

What kind of improvements in overall gas mileage did you guys see when you added the TM headers?

I got the headers, but have too many modifications to accurately calculate MPG. I would get a K&N panel filter and see if that helps. Keep your stock exhaust for back pressure.

What is the rest of your exhaust like. Do you maybe have too much flow i.e. lost too much back pressure. My understanding is the best choice is a dual in with a single 3"out muffler. I'd still call Torquemonster and give them the details and see what they say. I think they said you should get about 3 mpg better. If I remember right they post the actual dyno results on their website. I usually don't believe claims like this, unless they post actual numbers, and they do.

duke16 said:
What kind of improvements in overall gas mileage did you guys see when you added the TM headers?

Hey, cool! Someone to help me put mine in when I finally bite the bullet. ;)

I personally think the only difference you'll see is on the chassis dyno, I bought Ford Racing ones for mine and not expecting anything except getting rid of the ticking noise :p:

I went to the website and they say they got 21.4 mpg on their 1998 E.B. That's 3.4 over the factory rating.

Call them and talk to them. That's what customer service is for.