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To Buy or not to buy? 2001 Exp


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November 25, 2018
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New Hill, NC
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2004 Silverado LT
Hello All,

I have the option to buy a 2001 Explorer with aprox 190k miles, it's from a friend so I trust in their honesty, the car has new tires, a new trans within the last 10k, all new hoses and belts, new headlights, and is in overall excellent shape. The only downfall is the timing jumped so it needs a motor. They only want $700 for it.

My question is, what years 4.0 can I easily swap it with?

Thanks for helping this newbie
Best Wishes,

You’d likely want to change it over to the newer 2003+ SOHC. I’d plan on replacing all the timing components before installing the new motor.

You must not be too far from me, I swear I saw a truck online somewhere in NC with that exact description. Nice truck if the same one. Anyhow, that aside, You'd ideally want a 2003+ motor as said, the newer the better. Replacing the timing chain guides on a later motor is easier, which you want to do on any 4.0 SOHC you're installing, rest assured.

You do have to transfer almost all of the stuff past a long block over to the replacement if you go to a 2003+ motor, or so I've been told, I haven't done it, all my trucks are V8s now, but it's easily done and you'll have it apart anyhow.