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To buy or not to buy, that is the question...

all 94 explorers have abs.

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So did you end up buying it or passing ?

Couldn't help myself...many of you would buy it for a body like that for a grand.

So I did. She's all mine now. I did it. I now own a first gen (1994) maroon metallic Explorer. :D

I went today to check under the hood. Everything looks good. The owner even threw in a box of Mobil 1 synthetic oil in the back. :eek: He runs Mobil 1 5w30 in that thing! Guess I'll continue the tradition...never used synthetic oil. Is 5w30 too light of a oil for these engines, or is it just right? Is even synthetic a good idea? I'm really old fashioned with cars. :confused:

The only issue is the brakes; the fluid in the resevoior was nearly empty. So I know i'll have to work on the brakes first of all. I'll be picking it this week and pay him.

Sounds like a great idea. It's going to Autozone to get its codes read when it's legal and safe.

Thanks for clarifcation - now I know I'll have to buy ABS equipped parts.

congrats on the new addition when u get the codes read dont be surprised if an egr code comes up hey post some pics of it

:thumbsup: sweet!

Now you have to change your name to maroonexpy :D

Hey x2 on the pictures...

The synthetic is a good sign that the previous owner took good care of the thing. Keep us informed on the status of the fix up, and if you have any questions you know where to come..


Did it come with an owner's manual? That will list the recommended oil. I believe 5W30 is the correct oil, especially in cold weather, I've been using it forever in my 94.

Welcome to Gen 1!!!


I'll post pics soon enough...I go over tomorrow to exchange papers (cash & title) I hope I'll be able to bring it home this weekend. The master cylinder is nearly dry, so I'm trying not to drive it. First inspection discovered a leak on the rear axle. I guess this is the where the brake fluid went. The owner may took good care of it, but he most likely didn't. Said the A/C never worked for him; the CEL has been on for two years. He doesn't even know if the gas gauge works! Maybe it does and it's empty...hope so. And it sat for five months before he decided to sell it. For $1000, I'm buying a thirteen years old project...

What you see as an axle leak may actually be the brake fluid leak. Your brake line may have rusted through, or the wheel cylinder seals may be rotted. Both of these problems are extremely common when vehicles sit unused.

When you get it home, fill the reservior, and with the engine turned off, pump the brakes. Try to build pressure to blow open a pinhole leak, the fluid on the ground will lead you to the source of the problem.


That's what I was thinking as well. Somewhere around the right rear area. Wheel cylinder, brake bleeder, line, etc. I'm just hoping it's just that. Either way, I'm not gonna risk driving it. :eek:

Went today to exchange papers, and when I came in the Explorer to check everything for one last before bringing it home, the gas gage was reading 1/8 full! WTF? Well, hope that is permanent! When I received the title, he never bothered me to tell me he bought it brand new! Title was issued to him in Aug. of 1994 with 7 miles on the ticker.

I didn't ask him, but did they come with door remotes to unlock/lock the doors? He gave me two set of keys, but no remote.

Here's a pic - crappy phone camera pic. :D


Nice looking ride. A Haynes manuel and this forum and your in business, good luck. :thumbsup:

Lookin' real fine......and a project too.

Aloha, Mark

looks great, congrats :thumbsup:

Buzzing @ the shifter handle is USUALLY from the speedo gears (drive/driven gears) little knick in one of the teeth, and it will buzz like crazy!


my 95 was buzzing in the shifter, but it was caused by the shifter knob. I finally ended up drilling a very small hole through the center of the shifter and puming in some thin glue (like crazy glue) to bond whatever was rattling inside the shifter. If you push down really hard on the plastic cap in the center of the shifter does it stop the buzz?