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To buy or not to buy that is the ?????


January 8, 2010
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Harmony, North Carolina
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94 x-xlt 02 ranger xlt
took my gf to work the other day and seen this beauty on the side of the road so stopped in and took a look

its 2003 x sport 4x4 auto with 147*** miles its got shackels and aal in the rear and im guessing tt in the front sitting on 32x10.5 on 15x8 alluminum wheels asking $5,900 talked em down to $5,000 just wanting other opinions on it its got a solid body no major dents or dings its also got autometer volt and air fuel guages, and a airaid intake. I test drove it this morning and drives like a dream needs an alignment but everthing else felt good arm rest is broke but thats the only major flaw in the interior. when i drove it i found some previous owners info the truck was bought new in virgina and then was sold to ford place in bristol TN were it had lower ball joints installed let me know what you guys think good idea or bad will be the new DD and some light wheeling

147,000 is a lot on a SOHC if those timing chains tensioners haven't been changed. I would be hesitant to buy a high mileage SOHC. If the timing chain lets go the motor is now a boat anchor. Its a common issue on the SOHC V6. Although the newer ones such as this are better than the older ones, due to improved tensioners.

She is a looker though!

yeah ive been thinking about that cause my ranger is coming up on 140,000 and i know they havent been changed since ive had it for 38,000 miles and ive been needing to stop and just do it but ill end up putting it off till the last minute and then be SOL when it breaks. but if i do get the explorer its supposed to have 3 month 3,000 mile warranty with it that covers the motor and trans but the tensioners would wait until 3,001 miles and then they would break i would feel more comfortable doing the repairs myself anyways