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To buy or not?


December 19, 2016
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99 sport
Recently went to look at 1 owner 99 sport with a 5spd. She is an older lady and didn't drive it much. It currently has 139k and she had the heads rebuilt 3 years ago because it over heated and since then she purchased a new vehicle and put maybe 1000 in 3 years. Says she drives it like once a month.

When I first fired it up it was about 5 degrees that day and it had a very noticeable piston slap. The sound eventually went away after I drove the vehicle. The clutch is also original and the pedal felt sticky so I assume it has air in it. The idle seem ok and the rpm was steady but you can feel vibrations on the steering wheel assuming it is a old car. The gas was also low and the tires were under flated but besides that it drove decent.

I'm considering buying it but I doubt she maintained it well. She said she only took it to a shop when something breaks and her husband did all the oil changes.
Is there still a lot of life left with 139k miles? It's going to be my daily mostly. How much do you think I should pay tops for it? I offered her 2k and she accepted my offer. Thanks and appreciate any answer.

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Dee, this is the sport trac sub forum. They did not make our vehicles in 1999. You might get a better response in t he ranger explorer forum for your year.

No harm done, just start another one there so you have the best chance of getting the info you need.

For $2000 I think you can do better. That vehicles sounds tired.