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To change the valve body and solenoids or not?


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November 17, 2001
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1999 Sport
I recently acquired a 99 Sport of dubious maintenanace history[re:none performed] and I am about to drop the tranny pan for a filter and fluid change. I have driven it about 10 miles and it does have the 2-3 shift flare but the rest of the tranny feels solid enough so far..

My question...I also bought a vb from Wholesale Transmissions as well as a new set of solenoids... All 4 shift, the TCC and the EPC solenoids l...The fluid is filthy and I expect to find lots of dirt in the pan.. Should I

A. Consider a vb swap if the gaskets are blown

B. Do a solenoid swap if the gaskets look good

C. Just change the fluid and filter and try the tranny for awhile?

Just HOW BAD is the 2-3 flare for the tranny itself? Besides delaying the shift and over-revving a bit, what damage is this situation causing?

Thanks for everyones opinion in advance...

You could replace the fluid, filter, EPC, install end plugs with O rings, and a boost valve with O rings from Sonnax. It would be a good idea to replace the gaskets with bonded separator plates, and torque the valve body bolts with a 1/4" drive In/Lb torque wrench.