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to lift or winch an bumper...yarg


March 27, 2007
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Lethbridge, Alberta
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93 4x4 (x2)
I don't know where to go next, too many options!!!

winter is coming here in Alberta, just put 31" stt's on, heard they are going to suck in the ice and whatnot. Can't wait.

Do i do a lift kit (superlift 5.5 up front and SOA rear) is the plan, but i kinda wanted to do it with tires, 35" of course.

Can only afford one of these two options before x-mas.
1. 5.5 lift and 31" tires (which are new, but small)
2. front bumper and winch. (maybe lockers, maybe)

I am kinda thinkin i would rather wheel with someone with a winch who might get hung up a bit, rather that someone without one that still gets hung up because of the dinky 31" that he may regret buying...

advise...4x4 decision hell...

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cooper makes a great tire i have st's and they are fan freaking tastic. stt' are more agressive than st's so they should be even more fan freakin tastic than mine.

I would go with a aussie locker under 300 bux and the bumper and winch.
after x-mas look into lift,regearing 4.56 and bigger tires.


to me..this is an obvious decision.. even if no lockers.. go witht eh winch and bumper..much better idea..and i got 4 muds from kumho on for under 100bux each

Nothing like a good Winch hunt!!!

Superwinch 9000i. looks kinda gurly.
Champion 8000lb looks kinda canadian tirey, and small hp.
Warn 8274 looks kinda just right!!! Of course i want the warn for the price of the champion.

I would also consider used, but anything to watch out for? No pto.

Is there any particular models recommended - not recomended.

Anybody selling in BC or Alberta??? has Warn M8000 (26205) for $525.99. Although pre-fabbed winch bumpers are hard to find. The James Duff ones are out of stock for the next 6-8 weeks.

to me..this is an obvious decision.. even if no lockers.. go witht eh winch and bumper..much better idea..and i got 4 muds from kumho on for under 100bux each

Summit discontinued Kumho tires. That's why they were so cheap.

5.5 inch lift with 31's that will look really bad. Don't think it will be worth it.

No lift till after x-mas.

Bumper removed and Champion 8000lb going on.
(just can't argue with 399.99)

So my local shop figures im fawked trying to put 35" on my sploder w/6" of lift in the front and 5.5 in the rear. (thats the plan). He says "they ain't gonna fit... I says, "so theres this ford explorer forum..."

BDS front Lift Kit ??? 6" Anybody have any experience???

Tell me i am right so i can make a wager for discounts!!!

With that lift setup 35"s will fit just fine....Do a search here, or even on car domain of explorers and you will find many people who have done it on a similar setup if not just a bit lower with no most you might have to trim a bit inside your fender wells to be able to make max turn but that is about it...u may have just a slight bit of rub at max turn.....

35's will fit no problem... i have only a 3" p.a. body lift and i am running 34x10.50 sawmper ltb's on stock rims... no clearence issues in the front, mild rub in back under max flex... i would suggest not going wider than 12.50... happy wheelin here in the great white north!

BDS Lift Kit 6.5"?? Any experiences?

Thanks for the info on the heights and 35's fitting, it will be a great help in deciding. Like theres anything to decide.

However, the guy at the shop says BDS in the front and Superlift (SOA) in the rear.

Now in all my searching here, and believe me, one can search long, lost amongst sidtracking pics of sweet explorers and step-by-steps that only Chiltons/Haynes could dream of.

But this lift kit (BDS 6.5" in the front and Superlift (SOA) aal in the rear.) is nowhere on this forum, so i am wondering whats up? 30,000+ ford explorer owners, or the guy at the shop. Is this the real deal? 1800+tax installed w/shocks?

why do i have a feeling im gonna get told to do this myself...

because you are. for one reason. the intimacy you will gain
with the inner workings of your truck! if you do all your own work, you will:
1. see above. you will gain a knowledge of how your truck works mechanically
2. save a whole bunch of money, allowing you to make more progress on your truck,
3. learn to use this site to your utmost advantage. i could never afford all the things i have been able to do to multiple trucks, including one i bought from this site, soon to be two!, if i hadn't relied on the repair threads, and job explanations, etc on this site!

:eek: That sounds like too much to me. You would be better off doing it yourself. These trucks have a pretty easy suspension system to work with. I don't know how BDS' kit is set up however I can't imagine it being very different from the other drop bracket kits. The only thing you will really need is the radius arm bracket rivets removed. They are really easy to do yourself if you have a grinder/cutoff wheel and a hammer and chisel/punch. Make an X in the rivet with the wheel and punh the rivet out. There is a thread on the forum somewhere about how this is done.

New Plan...

Thanks a lot for the advise.
I have the tools, probably the time, mabye the patience, just what kit(s) to purchase, in what order. Probably gonna make a mess of the carport, wifes really gonna dig it!:D

Is there a Duff 6.5 for the front and rear(website says 4.5")? Or is it just front and then SOA the rear w/aal and shackles(war153)? Then regear, to 4.88 (yukons) and 35" truXus on 15x10's. Please don't mention a S.A.S. Not yet.:D

Where is that f-150(spacer install) thread with the pictures? It was there and now i can't find it?