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Today Is A Good Day....


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April 26, 2010
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Suffolk County, NY
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2002 limited v8
Just received my K&N intake cant wait to put it in after work...


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not fair. Why cant they make one for the 4.0L? I have one on my 06 Fusion V6 and love the thing (11 HP to the wheels from just that!).

If K&N were to make one for the 02-05 V6 I would be the first one in line to buy it, just like I was for the Fusion one.

Yeh i love K&N unfortunately for my x it only adds 8 horsepower but thats good for me cant wait to install and hear that amazing sound.

mac performance makes intakes for or 4.0L, ive got onr and its a nice system.

We put the K&N on my son's 3rd generation. You can really hear the difference at wide open throttle. He seems to enjoy it. :)

K&Ns website does have a 4.0L intake. Thinking about getting it myself.

mac performance makes intakes for or 4.0L, ive got onr and its a nice system.

The MAC intake is for 02-03 only. I have an 05. D'oh.

Intake only...

that sounds really good !

so jealous lol

thanks Ill be shooting another video tonight most likely 0-60 windows down then windows up. The video actually muffles the sound a little in person it sounds even more bad ass. The fm and 2.5 inch exhaust in a week will really bring my X to life :) then after that will be tune