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Todd's 95 Sport

In February of 2002(Before I was even 16) my parents bought me an Explorer(which I had to pay them back for). I never thought I'd find a site with this much info! It stayed stock for quite a while, I put a system in that summer which consisted of a Kenwood HU, MTX ThunderForm and cheapo speakers. And then tinted the windows to 20%. Here it is stock:


Got my license that December and started putting miles on it!! The following May I took it to the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA, got to meet a few members from here, and had a blast despite the rain!


Paid it off around that time and the major mods started! Got new 15X8 Wheels:


Had dual Exhaust custom bent with a Flowmaster 40 Series:


On November 28 a deer decided she didn't like the way the Explorer was designed and wanted to take another shot at it. That was about a $2400 boo boo. But I got it back on Christmas Eve, and now has become the best X-mas present ever!!


To gaurd against further attacks, I installed a brush gaurd. And I'm going to be ordering 31s withing the next couple days.


Here it is with 31s for the Winter.


And here is where it stands today:


And one with the '02 in the background.


Kenwood CD Player
Jensen 6X8 speakers
MTX Powered ThunderForm(to add a little boom with no lost space)
20% Tint

15X8 EMO 303s
30X9.50R15 BFG A/Ts
"Polar Bear" Brush Gaurd
100 watt O/R lights
Clear Corners
Removed step bars
Lund Avenger Bug Gaurd
Lund Windjammer

Under the Hood-
Custom Intake (Removed half of air box)
Dual Exhaust with Flowmaster 40 Series
Chip to come sometime down the line

Thanks for Taking a look! More Pics can be seen on my Website or in my Elite Gallery.

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Bump: Updated

Great job:D It looks real clean in the pics:)

looks really good, i like your rims


Looks good Mini Me.

Looks good, Todd. Looking at the damage I don't think the brush guard would've protected your truck completely. It would help, definitely, but not as much as you think. :)

Got another pic. Finally got some 31s for Winter. Nice being able to get traction every now and again. Those suckers fit like a glove. Why didn't Ford put them on stock like they did with the Rangers??


Due to some mechanical problems(tranny, what a suprise) this old girl will be heading down the road shortly. I only hope that it goes to another good owner who will take care of it.

I will be picking up an '00 XLT V8 AWD hopefully this week. Look for a new thread about it!