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Toe In/Toe Out?


July 21, 2001
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Hazelwood, MO
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'97 Explorer XLT 5.0
I went my local tire shop to get my Ploder Alignment done and the Tech said I needed to replace the part that controls Toe In/Toe Out? He said that it comes fixed(not adjustable) from the factory and that they needed to put the adjustable part on there. I have talked to local parts stores and nuthin. HELP!!!!!!!

The toe is adjusted with the tie rod ends. They are adjustible without any "special" parts. Are you sure he said toe, and not camber? The caster/camber is not adjustible without adding eccentrics.

Sounds like you need the camber caster kit. I had to replace mine when I went with my fatty tires and TT adjustment. I can get you a part number but they should be able to get them for you for like $15 a set. I'll get back to ya...