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Tonneau Cover Lock Covers


January 12, 2014
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Washington NC
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2007 Ford Sport Trac
Hey guys seen a lot of bad or misinformation about the rubber lock covers around. Heard they were out of stock. Seen wrong part numbers listed. I just installed mine yesterday. Got mine from fords-part-depot on ebay. Came in the original ford parts box. The part is exactly the same. Part has part number and ford logo stamped on bottom. The Ford part number is 7A2Z-99402A36-A. A little research revealed the OEM is Continental Structural Plastics of North Baltimore Ohio. I have contact name and phone number of Brett Burch (419) - 257-2231. But I don't know how old that is. No need for me to call. Took four days to get it after ordering on ebay. Happy hunting.

Good information, thank you for sharing.