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Tonneau cover problem


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August 3, 2010
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2003 Sport trac
I have a 2003 ST. My brother in-law gave me his tonneau cover off his 2001 ST. He gave me a spare key which I took to Ace Hardware and they made me a spare. The key works on the back mechanism but doesn't work on the front lock. I have to manually open the lock by crawling under the cover and actuate the escape lever. The key will not turn in the front tumbler. It worked at first , but now it is stuck as if this were the wrong key for it. Any help is appreciated.

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Front lock must be bad...........

soak it with penetrating lube for a while, a few times, then try again
if it starts moving, blow the lock out with compressed air and put graphite(dry lube for locks) in there.

Lock problems

Is there a way of removing the tumbler from the cable mechanism without breaking either? I have already put WD-40 down the key hole but it still will not turn. Whats odd, is that it worked a few times at first. Do I need to replace both lock assemblies?

pretty sure the plastic stuff with cables clips over the lock mechanism.
You should be able to buy one cylinder and get it keyed for the old keys.

It took me a long long long time to get my rear (by the tailgate) cylinder working, if your time is worth anything then just go buy another cylinder.
The tumblers rust and start binding in the lock cylinder.

Is the cylinder a dealer only item? I'm having similar issues

under the lock there is a plactic cam the moves the cables to unlock the cover they crack and break