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Tony Raine's 01 Sport 2wd

2001 Explorer Sport 2wd
Bono, AR (just north of Jonesboro)

Used to be lowered in the front, then I bought some 31" mud tires and lifted it back up, plus a little. K&N filter, Flowmaster 40 series + turndown. Leather, sunroof, (removed)running boards, 20% tint.

Got a buddy at a Hot Rod Shop that is going to weld me up lift shackles after I finish getting moved into my new house (he has my steel and plans, just waiting for the go-ahead). Then I'll TT the front a little more, get an alignment, and see if my old 33's from my bronco will fit. If not, I'll sell them and buy some 32x11.5's

I painted some interior pieces, but it looks like ricer crap to me, so I'm thinking changing to dark blue, black or silver/gray




I like the sport, it looks pretty good. The changing console color idea is good, I almost went blind looking at it, it was so bright. Silver or dark blue would be better in somewhat of a semi-gloss, the current gloss finish might be a little too much.


turns out krylon fusion "hammertone silver" (i think thats what it was), almost exactly matches the stock color. so I just repainted everything with that.

other than that, no real upgrades. it gets me back and forth to work, so i'm happy. i may have found someone to buy this last set of mud tires. if the deal goes through, the explorer will be dropped back down to stock on stock sized street tires, maybe a little lower in the front (i'm a fan of "hot rod rake").

I'll probably run that for a long time, since my mod $$$ is going solely into the bronco 2 right now. when its up and running, maybe the ex will get some stuff.

Well, decision time. I can either:

-replace all the door handles except passenger side (only one left)
-fix EGR insufficient code
-fix whatever is wrong with a/c
-get new shocks (took it out on the highway for the first time in quite awhile. holy crap!)
-pull carpet and clean/replace (its nasty, got a water leak)
-fix leak in back "pop-out" window
-fix drivers seat (reclines at the most in-opportune times, and lumbar is busted)
-repair body damage (turns out chicks don't dig it)
-one of 5 windshield chips is starting to spread
-oh yeah, and 1 busted fog light that's driving me nuts

or I can sign the title over to my stepfather as a down payment on his truck (he wants to trade up to a superduty to haul his JD tractor w/ front end loader.)

08 f150, (manual) 4x4, 4.6 v8/auto trans, wash out interior. no cruise, only downside.


old pics, all i could find.

Think i'm gonna get the 150. would be a great tow rig, and we have my wife's car (pontiac g6 sedan, 40 mpg!) for longer trips. Just waiting for him to find the right truck, and we will seal the deal.

I'm thinking leveling kit, little bit bigger tires, flowmaster, and enjoy........

Alright, I'm getting the F-150 this weekend! I've been slowly returning the explorer to somewhat-stock. flowmaster is going with me, glad i kept the old exhaust in my attic. welded it up over a week ago (holy crap, its still holding, haha). taking other little bits and pieces as well

unfortunately, the warrior lift shackles are staying with the truck. the bolts have started to rust into the frame-side bushing. no freakin way i've dealing with that mess for a $50 part (that i'd only be able to sell for probably $20).

it does look pretty cool lowerd in the front and shackled up in the rear, though. kinda odd, the ground-to-fender-lip measurement is within 3/4" on all 4 corners. i guess the explorer inherited its father's (bronco 2) butt-sag, haha.