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Took the Plunge!

Took the Plunge! Now enhanced with pictures!!!

Hey guys, my name is Chris, ive been on this forum for a few months and now i am elite.

About Me:
Name: Chris Downey
Location: Lynnwood, Wa
Occupation: United States Navy
Age: 20

i am married to my wife Rachel, and have two pitbulls (diesel and bella) and two cats (sadie and calvin).

My Ride:



1998 Ford Explorer 5.0 AWD XLT
33x13.5x15 Super Swamper LTB's
15x10 Pro Comp Extreme Alloys 1069
Custom Intake
Trail Bent Running Boards
True dual 40 series flowmaster mufflers
Custom "H" pipe
3" BL 1" TT 1" AAL
Custom strobes
Kicker CVR 12" woofer, or solobaric depends
(4) kicker 5x8s w/ bass filter
Alpine Digital Amp
Panasonic deck
clear bulbed turn signals
fog light mod









More will come soon, i am goin muddin on sunday so i will have some of that too.

And above all, thanks guys for your excellent knowledge and awesome advice. I go on this website daily, and have used many how-tos and gotten many suggestions numerous times. Happy to be elite! later guys




my snorkel build






i will get some more pics when i get the arb tip, im ordering it on monday.

Here are some pics of my intake adapter:


The adapter gasket:


i had to dremel out the inner part because it fit wierd and blocked airflow.

This is in the import section of kragen, look around the intake stuff, i went to a few places before i actually got it.

Spray-on bedliner interior:

1. Strip interior
2. Clean very well
3. Sand down
4. Tape off
5. Follow directions on can

heres some pics:


pre touch up:


all spaces were filled in, as well as the console:


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congrats!!! this website is definately a life saver cant wait to see the pics

haha richard i found you..congrats and welcome to the site. we need pictures!!! :)

We have a stage 5 clinger, what no, no, hell no not a stage 5 clinger certain things come with that and they are bad things, well if you were the stage 5 clinger and I was the one you were clinging too, so no not a stage 5 clinger

what ever makes ya happy lol. thought you fell of the side of the earth you is flat btw. still need pics.....

Ok i though we were doing Wedding Crashers and i have been around not posting much been "studying" got a 79 on my physics test and the class average was 57 so i am happy

never seen it but i am aware of one quate involoving intercourse with an I hear ya. I got a term paper im workin on right now, and then got a poli sci essay due. When is it due you ask, tomorrow, when did i start Chris your gonna love it see the brotherly love goin on?

Brotherly love, HAHAHAHA, we do have a good time, or at least try to. and Mahdey dont you just love pulling those all nighters to finish papers/study for test man they sure are fun :confused:

aww im feelin the love, man im over all that ****, but i do pull long nights on the ship... every 6 days i have to work 24 hours... and on top of that, i have been up every night since sunday till 2 in the morning trying to get this truck done. i still have to cut a fender on one side, but the wife ran outa gas so i have to go get her, damn wife, always wantin somethin when i am workin, alright guys im back to cutiin, but i wil have pix when i am done!

niiiice. i like. Welcome to the family son...jk. i see why you need to trim them there fenders.

yup but i love it! i am leaving the interior out, just the seats (soon to be rear buckets), and console. then i am going to rhino line the interior cab, along with the outside sides. man once you have the "itch" it just keeps goin! i am already planning my sas, and my rebuild on the motor, all of which will be done this year. im stoked! let me know what you guys think! cant wait to wheel!

man whats up with your bumpers....other then that it is sweet. What is your gear ratio with the 33's?

wait i just saw you are a V8 NVM then. Anways sweet rig.

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we wont, becuase it'll get bent dented and prolly torn off lol. its pretty big though. Do me a favor, when you get them there tube bumpers made, ill pay ya to make me a set, if its to my liking. haha.