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torq lok


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December 17, 2015
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2002 sportrac
2002 sporttrac 4.0 4WD, limited slip rear axle, 171,000 miles

Trying to keep someone on the road with no funds.

The rear axle clutches are worn out, and destroyed the side and spider gears. Bearings and ring and pinion are actually OK. Lots of end play in axles, due to clutch pack facings being gone.

Is it possible to shim the clutches to take out play in axles? Really do not care if limited slip works. I have access to shims.

I may be incorrect, but...

I have disassembled my Sport Trac's LSD rear diff. I don't see why you couldn't just leave the LSD clutch packs out completely. They're not what holds the axles in place. The "S" spring holds the clutch packs in place and the large pin through the spider gears (and the "C" clips) are what hold the axles in place. Of course w/out the clutch packs the rear diff would function as an open diff. BTW, the Sport Trac rear diff and axles are identical to the regular Explorer 8.8" diff, with the exception of the ST using drum brakes in 2001/2002. They are interchangeable. Ranger diffs/axles are not the same as the ones used in the Explorers & STs.

Now if the carrier bearings and pinion bearings were damaged that's a different matter. You can't just throw in new ones without carefully measuring for shims and installing a new crush washer to the required torque spec. If you don't install your bearings correctly the rear diff will most likely howl. The worn spider gears will need to be replaced. They run around $100 new.