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torque converter rebuild?


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November 14, 2010
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94 XLT 4.0 tow package?
hey everyone! Im about to put another a4ld in my ex, and im 90 percent sure my converter is bad. does anyone know of a place i can send mine away to be rebuilt? or can i find someone locally? I would rather not spen the 160 bucks for a new one. Thanks in advance


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You can buy a rebuilt one on Ebay, don't know of any place that will rebuild yours and if you find one the cost will be the same.

dude spend the extra bucks... i got mine somewhere online.... lifetime warranty... its well worth it

yeah that would probably be best, just trying to keep the costs down.

A lot of the rebuild companies sell on Ebay there is one there now, that if no one else bids on it, it will go for a 100 bucks including shipping with a one year warranty or you can buy one for over 200.