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Torque Converters explained.

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That was a great read.

I was reading something about torque converters from Hank's A4LD rebuild diary. Hank is a member here. I had a question. The 4.0 uses a low stall converter. The 3.0 uses a high stall converter. According to some information that I managed to get from a local torque converter rebuilder, they said that you could put a high stall instead of a low stall, but not the opposite way around. In his diary (post #70), he mentioned that he upgraded to a low stall, and now gets better gas mileage since it locks up earlier without raising the RPMs as much as it previously did. I don't know what engine he had before, so it's hard to determine if he had a high stall from the beginning. This would contradict the advice of a torque converter rebuilder.
Another question is if the 3-4 shift solenoid is locking from the computer's control, how would a low stall converter lock up sooner if the solenoid didn't allow fluid to go to it first? The 3.0 doesn't have as much power as the 4.0 so it has to rev a little higher to get to the power ratio as the 4.0. If the converter locks up sooner, it won't have as much power when it goes into the next gear, but will be more gas efficient since it won't have to rev as much.

All this is good info. Thanks for starting it Glacier and Bay for adding. Personally this came at the right time for my B11 build . I'm what you call "Torque converter challanged".

Here are some break out views:


This is a comparison to a clutch: