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Torque Monster Headers in way of Camber/Castor Bolt!


December 31, 1999
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San Diego, CA
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97' XLT AWD V8
Anyone else have this issue with the passenger side "front" upper control arm bolt unable to be removed?
Trying to do control arms bushings and now stuck - ugh


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Looks like doing UCA's just became way more difficult.

Can you remove the nut on the bottom of the motor mount through the hole in the frame, and then lift the motor enough to remove it? Or cut the bolt off then reinstall a new one from the other direction?

If that's the welded stock bolt, it looks like it.

Cut it and get a couple sets of MOOG adjustable camber bolts.

They WILL go in and out easier, they're not welded together and are lot easier to use.

^^^^^ what he said. Cut it out and gets a set of moog bolts. They will go back in and out with those headers.

That's not a stock adjuster but the stock adjuster looks like it would give you the same issue.

Carefully squeezed a Dremel in with a EZ lock cutting wheel and trimmed off just enough of the threads to get the bolt out. Cleaned it up on the grinder and chased the threads.
Bushings replaced by getting creative with a ball joint press and bench vise.
This is a two piece arm and dont want to go with a one piece so replacing the bushings
Back on the road !! Thanks everyone.