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torque on water pump bolts 4.0 sohc?


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December 17, 2008
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1999 sport
Gonna put a new fan clutch and water pump on this weekend and I cant find the torque specs on the water pump bolts anywhere.Anybody got that info handy?Thanks.

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Thanks.I really appreciate the info.

I need the torque settings for the thermostat housing, intake manifold, water pump, and fan for 9o ford 4.0 sohc

I would have guessed about 9-10 foot pounds in the W/P bolts and 15 'ish on the pulley bolts (pretty close, but I don't bother with a torque wrench for something like that (55+ years of wrenching experience). As far as the fan clutch nut, I tighten it by hand, put the special wrench on it while holding the pulley and give it a tap or two with my 5lb hammer. The way the pulley turns should prevent the nut from loosening. I've never had one come loose.