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Torque specs for upper control arm assembly


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December 28, 2016
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Orange county, Ca
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95 Explorer 4X 4.0 ohv
Hey gang,
Anybody have torque specs for upper control arm assembly ( UCA / ball joint replacement) for my 95 4x4 ?
I figure going with "really tight" should be fine....but......

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90-100 ft lbs should be good to get you to the alignment shop where they will need to loosen them and re torque anyway. You 100% definitely need an alignment within 5 miles of driving max.

Yeah.... unfortunately the shop I'm going to is 30 miles away....and I've read as long as I mark and re-align the camber/caster adjustment guides in same position I should be okay for that trip....yes?

ALSO..... what about this I found here on forum: "Also the one complaint I have is that nothing is stated about having to replace the Bolts with Eliptical bolts (Moog Kit available) for the pending alignment adjustment!! Later I did see this stated in other threads but not this one. So, I spent the majority of the time doing this job getting them to slip back in without using a sawsall or damaging something else only to have to go back and redo the bolts..."

Thanks for both of your inputs.....

Ordered some other brand and they messed up...long story...(Explorer is weekend/backup vehicle too).... I'm getting conflicting info on whether the following Dorman kit is compatible on my 4X4....some sites state works on both....others state this is only for RWD....anybody have feedback on this part/application
Dorman 545-534 Camber & Caster Kit

FYI .....
I just got confirmation from Dorman themselves after due diligence that this kit / part number (Dorman 545-534 Camber & Caster Kit) works on the 4WD / 4X4 models AS WELL....even though 95% of all online stores state / list it's for 2WD models ONLY. At least confirmed on my 95 4WD.
Listings for 2WD Ford Explorers start at 95 and go up and up in years for same part it's fair to extrapolate (barring some upper control arm change on random 4wd year/s) it covers both for range or many years..
THIS kit contains both front wheel parts/front end whereas MOOG sells them per wheel and is measurably more when buying two MOOG individual kits for complete front end.
**NEW UPDATE: Just got confirmation from Dorman (as expected) this kit works on ALL second Gen 4WD Explorers...(not just the 2WD once again or just 95-97 4WD)