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Torque specs


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November 2, 2007
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Oswego IL
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96 4wd v6
Hey i searched but cant find the info i need. I am working on my neighbors explorer, 96 4wd v6.

I have looked all over and cant seem to find a diagram or procedure for the ball joint replacement that includes torque specs. I can do the work without an issue, but i need the torques for reassembly. Chiltons doesnt have them, which i find surprising, and no where online seems to either.

I work mainly on foriegn cars (i know, evil me) and all of my books have exploded diagrams with all the components and torque specs so i am looking for something similar but am coming up empty. Any info you can provide is much appreciated.


P.S. GREAT FORUM. i wish there were this many write-ups and tips on the forums for my cars. keep this up guys.

which ball joint?

I am doing all 4. And i will most likely be checking all the suspension components and brakes too, so this (supplimental) info would be great.

The following is from a 99 shop manual for 4x4 (all in
Lower b/j nut - 83 to 112
Hub to knuckle - 74 to 96
Pinch bolt - 35 to 46
Hub nut - 157 to 213
Upper ctrl arm bolts/nuts - 83 to 112
Sway bar end link nuts - 25 to 34