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torsion adjuster flip questions?


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April 10, 2006
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Upstate, NY
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98 Explorer Eddie Bauer
ok there are a few things that i dont understand... im reading godfathers how to flip the torsion bar and the few things i need answered quick...
1. the arm piller screws in all the way up until the torsion bar starts moveing downward?
2. how does this not bend anything?
3. does it move the right and the left torsio bars or i have to do them each seperatley?
4. the torsion bar just slides right off after useing the arm piller to pull it down?
5. after you flip you have to push the torsion bar right back up there, with something with enought force to push it back into place?
6. it just bends right back in there or what?


OK nevermind i figured it all out my self... and damn after you flip the torsion adjuster its a ***** to get it back in there... i used the 2-3 arm gear puller and put two sockets on the end one to fit over the gear puller and the other one to fit over that.. i did this so if it started turning it wont twist right off the torsion adjuster.. ill get some pics up on how i did it, also you can take that whole unit right now of the suv, it just pulls right out, this is if you have a torsion adjuster like mine that was rusted on there real good and wont come off so i took the bar off with it and pounded it out of there... these how to threads ok for torsion flip but it doesnt get into details...