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torsion bar adjusting bolts very uneven


June 14, 2010
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Layton UT
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2000 Sport
My 2000 sport suffered from severe cholo lean, I finally decided to fix it by swapping the monos to new 4 door leafs, and added a add-a-leaf.

I was stoked to see the rear lift up over 2 inches, but not stoked to see it still leaned by about a 2 inch difference on the rear still. After looking more closely, the front was also also leaning, the front drivers side was dipped down so much that it was causing the passenger rear to sit higher.

I had planned to level it out by bumping up the torsions bar adjuster bolts, but I had to crank the drivers side in as far was it would go, and actually lower the passenger side a few turns to get the fenders within about a 1/2 inch of each other. I started with both bolts at about the same place. It sits great now, perhaps the front could come up a hair more, but I'm out of threads on the drivers side bolt.

Anyways I'm wondering if this is normal to have such uneven adjustments from each side to get it level, not even really lifted much. I bought the car from the original owner - a 80 year old grandma, with 36K on it, so I don't have any reason to believe they have been messed with before. What do you think? Could there be a underlying problem?

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Nothing wrong, that is normal with torsion bar adjustments.

Ford's Vehicle Lean (Side to Side Differences) stock height spec is 16mm (.6 in.) front, and 20mm (.78 in.) rear.
You could lower the right front, but that would raise the left rear. Check your alignment due to camber changes.

I have the same issue. The right front sits lower than the left.
Can I adjust the passenger side up to level the truck. 1995 explorer

Yeah when I did mine the bolts were really uneven before I touched it but it did sit level. When I wound the front end up 2" most of that was on one bolt with just a couple of turns on the other to keep it level. It's a stiffer ride now but I need it to be so my truck doesn't nose dive into the sand at the bottom of the dunes.