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Torsion Bar Adjustment Bolt Problem


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September 10, 2003
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'97 XLT
Well, got underneath my ex today to see what I could do in the torsion bar department and I found something interesting. The adjuster bolt for the left torsion bar sticks straight down like normal but the adjuster bolt on the right torsion bar is pointed diagonal to the point where it is almost impossible to put a socket on it because the edge of the bolt is right up against the rectangular opening. I haven't off roaded before so i don't think I caused this. You can see where someone has tried to stick a socket on it though and nicked part of the steel rectangle surrouding the area where the bolt is. The bolt is not bent at all, it is just at an angle to the ground. Have any ideas? I will try to post some pics but I don't know here to upload them to.


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Try removing the torsion bolt covers to get to the bolt head. They have 2 bolts on the side of the frame, and two bolts underneath.

Were the tires on both sides jacked up off the ground?

Yes, it was jacked up off the ground. Posting pics in a bit so you guys can see what I am talking about.

I think that is normal. I noticed mine has a bit of an angle to it also. Maybe a 25-30 degree angle compared to the other bolt.

Well the pics don't work but it is at a pretty steep angle comapred to the other one............

That one just doesn't seem right............

But it would be great if it were normal. Why would it be at angle when the other isn't? Just the way ford made them?