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Torsion Bar conundrum!


April 25, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario
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1996 Eddie Bauer
I'm in the middle of a lower control arm job and I'm having a huge issue with the torsion bars.

I have a 1996 4x4 4l OHV. She's old and rusty.

I had an enormous b*%ch trying to get the control arms off. The bolts were completely siezed, I cut them both and popped out the ball joint... I have compressed air, and it took me about 6 hours!!!!

Now I've got everything down, I have a torsion bar that looks like it's really stuck in the control arm. Infact, the hex pattern on the bar looks like it's about 5% off. Meaning it's jammed in the control arm and I can't get it out.

I was debating buying a new torsion bar, and a new adjuster... but I'd save a bunch of money if I could just get this damn thing out of the control arm.

Does anyone have any suggestions??? Help!


I would have left it in the truck, you would have had a much better chance to pound it out then. If you can't force it out, you might try to cut the control arm off around it.

Take a 3 lb sledge and a HD flat chisel and knock the crap out of it. If its still stuck, soak it in PB Blaster, have a couple beers, then heat it with a torch and go back with the sledge. If that doesnt work, get a bigger sledge ;D Make sure you secure the arm in a vise or something.


I soaked it in penetrating oil overnight, placed it down on a 6x6, stood on it, I placed a 1' round piece of steel in the hex groove and gave it to high heaven!, but really about 3 solid strikes with no movement, then the 1/4" slide.. Then one more 1/2 move, and the final shot the torsion bar back about 8' Good thing there was no one behind me.

Now I've got the new bar in, along with the new control arm, but my concern is the bushing bolts and the custom bolts and brackets that are required to reassemble.

I've got a 9/16" bolt in place, but there is a fractional bit of play that can't be good. Does anyone know where to get the mounting bolts and hardware? Ford says the brackets are DISCONTINUED, and the bolts are 14$ each. Anyone know the exact size? I'm pretty sure its metric.

Please please please!!