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Torsion Bar Question


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September 27, 2008
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St. Louis, MO
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'98 Eddie Bauer, '02 XLT
I need an underbody expert! For several months, I've had a bunch of clunking and clanking coming from under my 98 Eddie Bauer. The Ford dealer told me my problem was ball joints. I replaced upper and lower BJ's, upper control arm on drivers side, upper control arm bushings on passenger side, front and rear sway bar bushings and links, and shocks front and rear. Still have the clunking when hitting bumps, turning, braking, and accelerating from a stop. Have had it to two alignment shops, and they've both said that everything on the front end is solid. My question is could this be caused by loose or defective Torsion Bars? I've been under the truck, and everything seems tight enough, but could I perhaps put a turn or two on the torsion bars to snug them up without throwing my alignment off? Any suggestions would be appreciated

I would say no,the torsion bars are under a lot of pressure as they hold the front of the truck up.And if you adjust them it changes your alignment.

Lets check the obvious,exhaust tight? It can make a lot of racket if it is banging off the floor,transmission mount.If it is loose or broken it will slam of the floor also.Motor mounts the same.Time to get it up on a lift and start looking with a big prybar for loose stuff that's not obviously loose.I think you will find your problem.

That's exactly why I don't like it when people say to throw parts at a problem before the find the actual problem,you have spent a lot of money and still have the problem.Now it might have needed some of that stuff but maybe not.:D

I had similar problem on my 1997 EX.

I changed ball joints etc but still got clunk.

Then I chacked the lower inner suspension bushes (the big ones) and found that they were all worn but the front ones were very worn.

In the allignment shops they don't pick it up as the suspension is not moving so over time the front bushes had worn and gave more toe in at rest, so every time over the life of the bushes they re-adjust the allignment to keep it up to specs

I fount that the side to side wear in the front bushes would cause the torsion bar foot (the pivot point at the back) to move when cornering or going over bumps and it sounds like a bang underneath.

It took me a while to diagnose the problem, in the end a big crow bar found the wear on the bushes and I could see the torsion bar shifting.

BTW the leather pads on my Torsion bar had been worn away by the movement.