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Torsion/Coilover Conversion

Yeah Danny that photo is before I installed the aluminum extension. I'm not sure you'd be able to see it anyway. It's not a spacer up top; it's an extension of the rod on the bottom.

Jamie; yeah, if you're thinking of this mod, go with the part number I just referenced in my last post. Both its compressed and extended lengths should work out perfectly. There's no way an aluminum extension can hold out on the trail, but since I was already into the price of a shock I had to try out the option. Now it's been confirmed; I wasted the money I spent on two coilover shocks and both of them do indeed need to be replaced with ones that are an inch longer. I don't have the money for both right now so I'm replacing the passenger side one I just broke.... before I hit the trail again, I'll have to replace the other one.

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couldnt you just make a new top side bracket that drops the top mounting point another inch?????

That would do it too, but I've already ordered the longer shock.... besides, I don't have access to fabrication tools to make something that I am confident would not wobble or fit perfect or etc. Might as well do it right.

Well I was pretty interested in this, until I called RCD and found out they dont have any kits in stock, and no idea if/when more will be made.

I will have my entire front end for sale in the next week or so. That contains the RCD/Superlift kit with Fox C/O shocks.

Interested.. whats the ballpark price ?

will these coil over conversion kits work on a street driven explorer. also when i say street driven i mean not a off road truck but rather a drag truck or lowered handling truck.

I would imagine it would, just set the ride height lower with a softer spring

You mean stiffer but shorter spring ;)

shorter my bad
IZ I need more pics your build thread, it keeps me going, cant wait to see it rolling!!

I did this conversion on my truck a while back. I used QA1 HAL-UR5855 Shocks. DO NOT get the shocks with bushings, they will split and the mounting bolt will rattle around in the eyelet damaging the shock and giving a harsher ride.. Fortunately I caught it in time and replaced the bushings with bearings and all is good. You will also have to cut a piece of the bump stop off to clear the coil but you can re-drill the hole a little further back and use a universal bumpstop from auto zone.
My spring rate is only 600# and it is just fine. No sagging so far and its been a couple thousand miles already. But I do have a sport exp so you may need stiffer springs for the 4 doors. If anybody wants to see I can post a pic tommorrow.

can you post a pic of yours? i'm looking to convert mine since i cant find any parts to do a 4406 swap.. how long ago did you convert yours and whats the average cost? bellflower isnt far at all where i am.. maybe i can take a look at it when time permits..

Sure I'll post pics tommorow as soon as I get home from school.

Here we go.





No problem, lemme know if you need pics of anything in particular.

Coil over conversion

Hey guys, Doing a little research and came across this thread. I've got a 1950 ford CAR that I'm setting up with a 351, 5spd, 9inch rear and wanted to update the front suspension. I ran across a v-8 2wd mountaineer front end that was cherry and was thinking to myself, that would work pretty damn well if I could lose the torsion bars and drop her down a little. I don't have to deal with axleshaft clearance, but was a little unsure about spring rates and how much travel I really needed. Any guidance would be appreciated. Also, anybody buy those QA1 shocks too short and looking to get rid of them? Thanks, Mike

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