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Torsion twist dropping?


February 6, 2013
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Missoula, MT
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2001 Sport Trac
It could just be me making a big deal out of nothing but it seems like my torsion bars have been slipping lower and lower slowly since I first performed the TT. and my front end seems quite a bit lower than where it was in the beginning. Unfortunately I didn't take any measurements so i can't go back to those for references, is it common for TT to slip back to stock height? How can I tell if my torsion bars have gone back to their stock position? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jack.

honestly when i did my torsion twist about a day later it settled and lowered a total of 1/2"

Torsion bars gradually weaken. Options are new #1 bars, lift keys, or longer bolts. Stock M12x1.75x63.5mm