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torsion twist/shackle lift and trimming how to

Wow Lono- that looks so much better... Nice writeup! :thumbsup:

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thanks joe! getting off road ready one project at a time! i gotta thank the forum, i found this place looking for info on simply changing out interior lights, and 6 months later all of the photos and threads on this site and all of the great people helped me turn my trac into a mini beast!

btw, i love the avatar of beaker bro! beaker and bunsen were my favorite muppets for sure

Duly noted... :D

Just did my tt and shackles tonight, are your measurements before and after the lift on stock 235/75-15s or did you have the 16s? And afterwards those measurements are w/o the body lift? Just torsion twist and shackles?

Never mind just read back through i'm at like 34 1/4 after tt/sl but i'm also 4wd i just hope everything is right.

just take your rig for a nice easy ride and give your suspension a chance to settle in. you will probably be right at 34" when it does. oh yeah, post some pics!

After a lot of research, I've actually been thinking about going back to my stock shackles. As soon as I get my next modification finished, I'll know whether it will be easy to do. If so, they're gone. I definitely wouldn't go with any other brand than Warrior, though.

I think I will go back to my stock ones as well but go the Deaver route.

Ok re-measured after driving it front left - 34 3/8 front right - 34 1/4 both rears are at 36 1/4 so my question the front supposed to be 2" lower than the rear? Keep in mind i'm 4wd and still have on the stock 235/75-15s. I want to make sure everything is all good before i put these expensive tires on. I will take some pics and post them up. I think this weekend everything else is going on. Got my 3" body lift and my 33x13.50x15 nitto mud grapplers should be in by friday. I know, i know, lots of trimming.

the front end will tend to be a bit lower being that its where the motor is. also, you cant twist the torsion bolts enough get it even with the shackles being that youre 4wd. give it a little more time to settle and you will get a more even measurement. go and get yourself a wheel alignment. that will make sure when you throw your new treads on that they will wear right. cant wait to see the pics!





Here's the pics. Torsion twist and warrior shackles. Look at all that wheel well space i gotta fill. Can't wait. Tires come tomorrow.

nice! glad it all worked out. keep an eye on your u joint and you should be all good. cant wait to see the new treads. make sure you post these on the "show off your trac" sticky.


Hopefully getting the bodylift on this weekend. I don't think i can squeeze this in there with just the tt and sl.

those tires aresick! those are going to look so nice on your trac. cant wait to see it and i know youre just itching to get them on, i know i was.

yea man i've been working on this project since may and it seems never ending, buying parts every other week.

and i just had this weird worry that somehow i might pop the bolts loose out in the middle of nowhere so i put some one. maybe a useless move i guess.

why not keep the bolts from the new shackles in the truck??

the bolts that came with the shackles i got looked pretty cheap so i just stuck with the stock bolts from the stock shackles. i put a little thead lock on them when i tightened just as a useless precaution and because i wasnt planning on pulling the shackles off any time soon

lol, i shouldve made my last post more clear.

im a pack rat and i tend to keep extra crap in my trac like old, but not 100% bad fan belts, and if i had the shackle lift, the extra bolts would surely find their way into the 911 compartment behind the seat. i try hang with the 4x4's in serious off-roading, so id never know if id need them. thats all ;)

Kick Ass write up! 3" on a TT, outstanding! Dont you love CA trucks I just bought a 96 X and the underside is SOOOOOOOO clean!

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i have a 01 sport trac 2wd can i get 3 " out of the TT?