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torsion w/susp travel


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July 5, 2000
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'00 Sport 4WD
I understand that when you adjust the torsion bolts that you lose your suspensions ability to droop. But couldnt custom upper control arms compensate for this?
My buddy with his nissan used this kit Dead Link Removed in conjuction with a trailmaster 4" to get 6.5" And his CVs have not grenaded with off offoad use.

I wonder could a shop custom make new upper arms w/ alignment cams for a better torsion lift. Then warrior shackles and maybe add a leaf in leaf for the rear. I dont think it would be too expensive either. Then maybe we could get a little more suspension travel for not that much money.

so what do you all think about the control arms??

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with nissans it's alittle different ....but anyways u would still blow cv's ....but if u were 2 wheel drive after market control arm is used to correct alignment so if u were two wheel drive u could go up 3"

Hrmm I wonder whats different then since itsa 4wd and torsion bar suspension also? The guy had stock CVs and had the bars cranked and had droop too. Hrmmmm....

There are a few Ranger a-arms available out there, Im wondering if there diffrent mounting since the Ranger has coils and the Explorer has torsion bars?

heres examples of 2 a-arms available

Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

Obviously you wouldnt use the coils but I wonder if these A-arms could be used on the X?


Im really not sure if those exact ones would work cause they are for a 2wd rig but a custom one for a 4wd should be possible. Oh and too bad the coils wont fit. Would be much easier to lift than the torsion bars. anyways..

Superlifts new 6" S-10 kit uses new tubular a-arms also for the extra 2" and for alignment purposes.

Dead Link Removed

why would this not work a stock explorer?