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tow hook idea.


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December 11, 2008
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2003 AWD XLT
so i've got an idea for some different towing options for up front, I noticed that the frame up front is just big enough to slide a 2" receiver into and with that, there are tons of options, I am going to just drill a hole straight through the frame and a slide the reciever in and pin it like any othe reciever. I think it'll work awesome b/c i have some Warn shackle style receivers and also you could use just about what ever else lol. If someone can enlighten me on how to upload pics i'll show everyone what i mean :) also thinking of fabbing up a winch bumper using the same mounting idea.

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ok so i get that it is snug on the sides but how much space is in between the top of the frame rail and the top of the receiver? you might have to drill a second hole to keep it from moving with in the rails like a teeter-totter.

it actually is snug top to bottom and has a little play on the sides. The Warn part number i have is 29312 since i can't figure out how to post a pic or link.

You did post a link. The problem is most likely the way the web page is written. Its session specific. You can't just copy the url of the page and post it here.. Unless we follow the same process to get the page that you did won't end up at the same place.


Heres a pic of it from the warn site -


thanks jr way more skilled at this than me lol

no worries mate!
So do you have the bumper removed or do you plan to cut a big square hole in the bumper to allow this hook to insert?

Pictures if you have them!!

they will actually slide into the frame. the square end of the frame is almost the perfect size. I'll take some pics of it to show what i mean

ryno rx8-

When you see a picture you want to post from a different website, right click on it and go to properties. You will then see where it says "Adress (URL)" You need to slide to cursor over it and copy from the http to the .jpg. Using the picture posted above for example. When you right click and then select properties, you should see this link: where it says, "Adress (URL)." Okay?

Now in the message box where you are typing to respond, you will see a yellow box with what looks like mountains in the background. Click on that, paste the link that you copied from the properties part and click okay. You should have a picture for all to see:D

So here's your test to see if you can play with the big dogs. Google your favorite cartoon character and post it;)


Awesome limited, I appreciate you taking the time and teaching me that. also, how do i just post a pic to the forum?

LOL, good job;)

Could you elaborate on what you mean by posting a pic to the forum?

well i have the hooks installed and wanted to show what it looke like but not sure how to upload a pic.

When you put the cursor on a picture in your photobucket account, underneath a box appears with 4 links. There is one that says, "IMG code." Just copy that and paste it straight onto the message box where you are typing. It already has the links on it. The first way I told you is how to upload a picture from a random site. Give it a try;)

Forgot to say that the lift kit looks good and the hook idea seems to have worked out great!




Here are a few pics of it in progress and completed. The receivers need to be longer so it sticks out further but it'll work for now.

this style might work better becasue it is longer and would protrude out further.

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would this work on any other year explorers? I was looking into putting on a Front 2" hitch, but that required Air Dam Midfication I read? whats easier do you all think??