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Tow hooks


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June 23, 2009
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Katy, TX
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2001 Ford Explorer XLT
I want to get some front and rear tow hooks as I am planning a off road expedition in March. Can you guys post pics of where yours are mounted and where you got them? Thanks. I'm running an 01' Explorer XLT

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I'm running the standard 10,000 lb hooks you can get at pepboys, JC Whitney, etc. Bolted to the bottom of the frame rails in the front and rear. Had to drill to fit them. Easier to do the rear on the open frame, harder to do the front on the closed frame. Have used both multiple times and they work very well.

Front (sorry about the blown out photo):









How did you manage to get the nuts into the frame and all bolted up up front. I remember trying to put my hooks on my Sport, and just losing my patients after the damn thing kept rolling down the frame.


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It was kind of annoying. I basically used masking tape to tape the nut to a wrench, and slid that in the front of the frame through one of those slots/holes on the face piece of the frame rail. Then it was just a matter of getting the nut onto the bolt and turning the bolt.

I chose to run a front reciever, but probably wouldn't do it again. In the pic below you can see how i modified the front frame horn, just removed a small piece of metal to completly open up the front to put bolts in. I didn't have to drill holes, they were already there. I personally would use the front tow hooks from a 98+ ranger that utilized the same two bolts on each side.