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Tow micro minnie travel tailer


July 7, 2005
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State COllege PA
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2020 ST
1995 Sport
Hi All,

Do you think I can safely tow a micro minnie with my 2020 exp? 5600lb tow cap. Interested in a 2306bh which is 4500lbs.



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November 30, 2000
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96 LTD, 96 XLT, & 98 XLT
did you ever end up with a Micro?

Im going to say no, the 2306bh is going to be over limit for you 2020.

Im going through this right now trying to figure out if im good towing a Micro Minnie 2100BH with a 2008 Explorer.

A lot more comes into play then just a "tow rating"

My 2008 has a tow rating of 7130 lbs with weight distribution and a hitch weight rating of 740 lbs.
GVWR - 6275 lbs and GCWR is 12,000 lbs.
Im estimating my Curb weight to be 4800lbs

Taking into account the Dry weight of the 2100bh being 3860 lbs with a hitch weight of 430 lbs. Add propane and front mounted batteries and that brings the hitch weight to an est of 570 lbs. Add cargo/fluids to the trailer and they adds up quick. With a GVWR on the 2100bh at 5000 lbs and an estimate of 750 lbs of cargo in the explorer (People, gear)....

Im at an estimate of a GVWR of 6120 lbs... just under the 6275 lb rating and a GCWR of 10,550 lbs.... under the 12,000 limit.

with the 2020 having a lower tow rating and a lower hitch rating, and a heavier trailer i would say no.

But if you did buy one, let me know how you like it :)