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Tow mirrors

Joe 16 Sport

March 12, 2020
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2022 Explorer XLT
Has anyone used ad-on mirrors for better visability when towing?

I just got this 8.5' wide snowmobile trailer and would like a little better view than the OEMs offer. Lots of options on Amazon, but figured if someone tried a certain model with the 2020+ Explorer mirrors that'd be helpful info.


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I have owned a 2020 and now a 2023 Explorer ST with the 2.3L. I have a 7.5 ft wide TT, and a 6X12 Cargo trailer. When I first set up the 2020 I bought a set of Mirror extenders, they are in the garage collecting dust. With a 8.5 wide they will help some. Hopefully you found some snow to try out your new toys. We covered the state of Michigan, upper and lower, for 40+ years. 2 place, 4 place, 6 place with a variety of tow vehicle. As a family we had more fun with the 340's and 440's in the early 70's than the later rocket ships. Have Fun

Thanks, still havent been able to get out to any snow, but its hopefully coming soon. I agree the older light stuff can be a blast, but I also enjoy the newer rocket ships :)



It's been a few years, but we rented [had delivered to our cabin] some snowmobiles when we were in Idaho.
We had 3, and I only recall 2 of them. The most fun was shaped like a jet ski & handled similar to one, had an absolute blast on it & you could really push it hard without too much concern.
The other was a lot taller, almost dirtbike proportions, extremely fast & leaned a lot. I only rode it a couple times & switched back to the 'jet ski'.

No use for them down here in SE TX