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Tow Point ??


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January 2, 2003
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St. Simons Island, GA
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'97 XLT
New Front Bumper In Progress

I finally found a good winch bumper to put on the explorer, it need some modification though. I was wondering if I should put some D-rings on the bumper, or if I should use two hook on the frame. Which would be stronger?

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well it depends on a couple of things, first if the winch bumper is going to be bolted on or welded on. If bolted on i would hesitate towing from there. It may be fine the first couple of times you pull, but down the road the bolts might give out. if welded on than it should be fine. And i would go with d-rings in any case just because the rope or winch cable or whatever cant pop off like it can with tow hooks. but in any case its your truck so do what you want

Well if I am going to use the bumper as a tow point and put a winch on there, should I weld it on?

I wanted to avoid that in case I try to sell it dwn the road, but I dont mind welding it.

go ahead and bolt it on if you are thinking about selling it down the road and wanted to keep the bumper. Much easier than trying to grind the welds done. but try to use 3 bolts per side, at least, for strength. dont forget to post some pics when you get this thing done :thumbsup:

I would say have some tow hooks mounted to the frame....and then have a few D-rings on the bumper to pull a tree or other assoted junk out of the way....having hooks on the frame allows you to know for sure they will be strong enough(10,000 plounds each) plus if the fron bumper gets mushed up then the frame hooks become eaiser.

sounds good. ive been thinkin about it and I think Ill do both tow points and i think im gonna weld it on just to make sure. worst comes to worst, ill cut the bumper off down the road, but ill deal with that when i get there.
thanks for the help

Bought the bumper a while ago and finally pulled the factory bumper off, painted the new one and am taking it to the shop tomorrow. Ill post some pics as soon as its done.

It was originally off a late '80's Jeep Wagoneer - Im told a Warn Classic mount, but I dont know that for a fact, but that is what it looks like. Then the sides were bent in and put on an '89 Wrangler rock crawler w/ 36" swampers and had the Warn upright winch on it. That guy owns a junkyard around here and he sold it to me. Its kinda wierd how good its gonna fit

Went today to the fab shop and he wanted $200 to weld the bumper on. Said it was a half a days work, needed 2 pieces of 2" steel tubing less then a foot long each. I thought this was unreasonable - am I wrong?

Im going to call around an see what some other people could do.

Do what I'm gonna do...go buy him a case of beer and ask him if he will do it after hours. :chug: Just make sure he's sober when your getting the work done! :D

you found someone to weld on a bumper for a case of beer!! nice :thumbsup:

Dude, Drunk rednecks around here are not only talented and drunk, they will work for beer! What A life we live!?!

haha I hear that

and 200 is a little high just to weld up a bumper. i mean it couldnt take more than a couple of minutes to run a bead around it. and i dont understand why he would need tubing to weld a bumper on