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Towing a Boat, sagging in the rear!


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April 14, 2005
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St. Louis, MO
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'00 Limited
Let me first say I'm very happy with the way my 5.0 AWD pulls my 20' bowrider. It does better than I ever expected. I added a pair of bolt on spring helpers last year, but this year it looks to me like they may not be helping as much. I'm looking to upgrade my suspension in the rear to help the sag. I believe I have the factory towing package, but I know I don't have the autoride suspension. Can anyone suggest what products I may want to consider? For that matter, I do have 100,000 now and I probably need to replace suspension all the way around. Any suggestions on specific products would be helpful. Thanks!

Could always get an add-a-leaf!

You would definately benefit from the F150 leaf upgrade kit from Eaton Detroit. See the 'sticky' at the top of this Forum.

BTW, welcome!