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Towing and helper springs


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July 18, 2002
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'98 XLT V8
Hey guys, I trailer my drag car behind my '98 XLT 5.0. It does a pretty good job towing, but there is a bit more "sag" in the rear suspension that I would like. Is there a good fix for this, some sort of helper springs? I don't want to add any lift to the truck, I just want it to be more level when towing.


A set of add-a-leafs would do the trick, and they only lift the back an inch or so.
You could also get a set of helpers.
I have the add-a-leaf on mine for my 14' trailer and plan on putting the helpers on next year. Hope this helps a little.

Trailering boat

I was wondeirng the same thing. I will be trailering a 23' boat soon, and I've seen that X's do not take this big of a trailer without sagging noticably. Add-a-leafs seem to be the best way to help with keeping it level, while helper springs seem to kick in when the spring travel gets to a certain point (or so I've read). So does this mean that helper springs are better for precventing bottoming out than keeping it level? I'm more concerned with keeping it level, even at the expense of having a bouncy rear end.

Anyone know?

Alot s going to depend on the tounge(sp) weight. When I hook up my trailer empty, I loose about 1" with only add-a-leafs. Loaded with the B2, the Explorer squats 2 1/2" WITH the add-a-leafs... I asume that I loose another inch or so when I hit bumps on the road and that is why I am getting a set of Helpers to go with the add-a-leaf. Hellwig sells Helpers for all aplications and Dead Link Removed sells them all.