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Towing package 4 pin adapter


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March 8, 2012
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2012 Explorer
I have a 2012 explorer xlt with the factory towing package. The 4 pin adapter isnt working for the lights on the trailer. The trailer lights work on other vehicles tho. I have looked under the rear bumber and the adapters have wires going to them. Also, I have checked the fuses under the hood. I thought everything was hooked up from the factory. Is there something I need to hook up?

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Everything should work from the factory. I didn't have any issues with my 7 pin or 4 pin hook up on my 2011 Explorer. I believe that wiring harness plugs in somewhere up higher under the bumper, you may want to check and make sure it's plugged in tightly.

Mine works as it came from the factory with no problems.

Mine works no problem either. Make sure its tight. Otherwise take it in to see if there might be some disconnected or corroded never know.

I bet it s a ground, and its not related to the ford.

By one of those 4 light testers, @ walmart for 2.99. Also this may seem like a dumb statement, but the trailer must be on the hitch and the hitch ball must be semi rust free.

4-pin connector has it's own ground. If that ground wire goes bad, the lights usually find a ground thru the coupler. But it should not be necessary to have hitched up to get the lights to work.