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Towing with my Explorer -- Shocks?


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September 19, 2008
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boston, ma
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'00 EB
Hey guys -- it's been awhile, but I'm resurrecting the explorer, and I need your help!

I plan to tow a Jeep Cherokee (XJ, 3300lb Curb weight). My explorer is a 2000 Eddie Bauer 5.0. The ex is lifted TT/Shackle and 3" Body and is also equipped with the Air ride suspension.

My mechanic tells me (and it's also pretty apparent) that the air shocks in the rear are completely rotted through. I can't seem to find the replacements -anywhere- and have searched through a few threads here on the forums with no result. Will these shocks even fit now that my explorer is lifted? or should I look elsewhere? The rear leafs are also starting to sag, and I've heard that a AAL is only a temporary solution.

Thank you for your help

Ditch the air ride. That's the only option my Eddie doesn't have, and I'm so glad.

As far as the leafs, I'm not sure. I'd at minimum do the AAL for now.