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towing ?

I have a '03 Ford Explorer, 4wd, Eddie Bauer edition, 4.6 v8. I bought it last year to tow a small travel trailer, 2600 lbs (dry weight). We used it to tow the camper, four people and three dogs to Nashville TN and Marietta GA from Lexington KY. I didn't really experience any problems but I still don't know what the true tow rating is. The manual has two different ratings depending on the transmission. It has a class III/IV hitch which I was told by the original owner and by the trailer company that installed my brake box was "factory" and was rated for at least 5,000 lbs. My brother works for the state police garage and they work with Explorers and he drove it and said it was geared "low" and seemed very capable of handling what I was hauling. I tried to local Ford dealerships and they were not very helpful. One told me to bring them the VIN # which I did and they still couldn't tell me the transmission that I had. The other dealer said to look at the metal tag on the rear end and give them the numbers. Over the phone they said it sounds like it has 88 gears in the rear end. I looked online and haven't found anything about a Explorer having 88 gears. Like I said, I really didn't have any problems but would just like to know what I actually can safely tow. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks. Steve B.

I moved this to the towing subforum. If you have the 2" receiver from the factory, odds are you have the towing package and the weight it well within your limits.

What are your transmission options?

Also, your rear end is an 8.8, talking about the housing itself, not the gear ratio. The gear ratio can be read on the tag on the rear end cover. There is also a "code" on your door jamb sticker which will give your your gear ratio. There is a thread about it somewhere.

Here ya go:

according to that information I have a 3.73 limited slip which puts me well within range of anything I would ever tow. What a great forum, I just found out in ten minutes what I have been looking for since last fall. much appreciated.

Steve B