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Tracing Plastic to Plastic rattle to the right center row of 2017 Explorer XLT

Old As Dirt

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February 14, 2006
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17 XLT
The subject rattle has bugged me since I bought the vehicle. My wife says she never heard it, but it was always there... sounding to me like it was inside the right 2nd row headrest or in that area. After trying many things to stop it, I flipped the seat (2nd row - right side - full 3 passenger row) and there was an electrical connector which would rattle (same sound) when moved. I wedged a piece of foam to stop its movement and it still rattled. I touched the wire itself and found that the plug on the wire rattled inside the connector. Taped it with black electrical tape. No more rattle. I hope this will help someone as the dealership couldn't find it.