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Trail Master 4" lift install and questions 1994 XLT

would love to come but unfortchanitly i dont get my licence back till feb 11 after that im game me and my buddy have explorers i got 5.5 inches of lift and 3 body and hes got 6 and 2 body hes on 35's im on 35's but going down the 33's well come out

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got some wheel spacers today,
at full turn the wheels would hit the radius arms with the stock 7" wide rims. SO I picked up a set of wheel spacers, also these are adapters to make the 5 on 4.5 to a 5 on 5.5, I got a set if 8" wide 15" on 5x5.5 rims. and the rims are a 4" off set . All done and installed for $150 Canadian, these are used but in 100% good shape.






Looks great man, after seeing yours i'll probably throw my 4" on also as soon as i get time. I already have a 3" body lift and 32's but i have a brand new set of 35's sitting in my garage that are itching to go on. I need to get the suspension lift on before i can fit the 35's. All i have left is to buy my gears since i already have the lockers. Mine is a daily driver so i have to put the gears in if i'm going to put the bigger tires on.

mine is running fine so far with the 3.75 but still on 33's

truck looks great bro!