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Trail Test Ride in WV Late May


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September 13, 2005
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I am going ahead with the purchase of a piece of property in WV. It is 170 plus acres and I am going to open it for a preview day. We will have Free Drinks, Food, and More. Bring a Tent and Stay the night. Email me if you want to know more. This will be open to everyone on this forum but geared more to East Coaster's

The property is 20 Miles from downtown Huntington WV on I-64. Easy to get to and beautiful. Super easy drive to DC, OH, IN, PA, TN, VA, and KY. Good roads there and back from the interstate highway.

Keith Ratliff


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Hmm, I might be up for this, depending when in May (have a wedding that month). Is this a woods type ride or is it already setup like most other places? I only ask because I'm still fairly stock and my girly won't let me do much as far as freewheeling at the moment.

there are roads on the property and I will be cutting a few new paths in Jan.

Outstanding. PM me I am a civil engineer that does some land use/development work. I may be able to help you on soil erosion control, and overall land use.


The fact that I spent 4 years in college learning about water shed, drainage, erosion control, and such means I know alittle too. But being in business for myself as a logger has tought me the best lesson, private land owners of property zoned AG can do what they want when they want without limitations. I am not charging anything for the test ride.

Also if you have never heard this I will tell you the number one rule of the business world. Do nothing, don't get lic's, permits, or zone changes unless the fines are more expensive then the proper paperwork. You'll learn that one day when your trying to pay payments on 5 or 6 properties, a home, 3 cars, and keep a crew of 6 guys paid week to week on top of turning a good profit.....

Lifes a *****...Work for someone else you may get ahead...Work for yourself only you know what will happen...


PS. My Forestry Degree required me to have quite a few 300 and 400 level classes in hydrodynamics and Eco-Engineering...Worst days of my life.

When in may? I will likely be visiting my family/hometown next year. We will be in Mineral Wells ( south of Parkersburg ), Huntington is an easy drive from there.

I was thinking the last weekend. Just have a ride-&-camp thing...

Hmmm thats like the furthest away from Morgantown you an get, haha. I may be able to make.

Last weekend? I may be able to make it =) Keep us posted!

I might be interested once we get past February. Do you know how far your land is from the VA border? I am from Va Beach and used to go to school at Radford so I was curious how far it was from there.

Sounds good, I should be done with some of the mods I'm currently doing and the wife has a friend who lives in Huntington, so she can visit with her while I wheel. Keep me posted.

subscribing, I won't wheel hard, but I'll come see whats what.

I am interested, please keep us posted with details. Thanks.

i dont play real hard either but wouldnt mind going and getting my feet wet sounds like fun i am not too far away either.