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Trailer Length


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February 2, 2009
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Lancaster Pa
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2006 Explorer Limited
I have an 06 limited with a trailer package, it tows 7300 lbs. I am looking to get an enclosed trailer to haul motocross bikes and equipment. I was wondering what would be a size that the truck could handle. Im looking at either a 14ft v-nose or a 16 foot v-nose, each with tandem axles.

Thanks in advance

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You would have to know the weight of your motorcycles, your gear, anything else you want to throw in the trailer and the weight of the trailer to determine if it was below your stated 7300 lbs.
A double axle trailer with a weight distributing hitch should tow nice and straight.
I am guessing that these trailers have an electric braking system??
I am a fan of the "bigger-is better" philosophy, so I vote 16 ft.

Length and Width of trailers generally come into consideration based upon what they will be hauling. How many motorcycles, how much extra equip...

16 ft trailers tow fine, as do 14 ft trailers. Since you're looking at enclosed, your biggest issues will be wind resistance (drag) and freeboard (side wind resistance). Don't pull in OD!

Thanks I am hauling about 1.5k at the most of stuff inside the trailer 5-6 bikes some parts and gear to the races. I am getting a V-nose trailer and have been told by a few friends that it is saving them gas.

PS yeah i know about the OD thanks

Also, don't forget you are at 5000 pounds until you add the weight distributing hitch and be sure not to exceed your GCWR.

For what it is worth I regularly tow a 12' flat front enclosed trailer (single axle) with about 1,500 lbs in it with my Ex and I have not had any issues keeping it straight in 20+ mph cross winds.