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trailer wiring FUN!!!!


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July 2, 2003
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Background, i spliced in to my wiring in the jack area. And it worked with my old boat and trailer a few years ago.

well new old boat and trailer lights did not work, so its the light not the truck right? well i replaced all the wiring and lights on the trailer.

NO dice

so i look at the trucks old 4 prong the ground prong was a little cracked so i replace it and hook the new 4 way were the old one was.

NO dice

i was hot and i had to go to work and i was sun burned.

i get home at night i hit the brake and i **** you not the dash light came on,

oh it gets better, i turn on the headlights, and the brakes light up. I saw f it .

so i find the factory harness under the bumper. But i can only find people talking about 5 and 7 prong. This is round but has two rows of four holes.

any ideas?

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That would be where you are expected to plug your trailer wire connector in. As I recall, only seven of the eight pins have wires to them, one's empty. I know I posted a generic "diagram" showing how the wires are supposed to be wired in.

well a day time inspection showed that yes there are 8 holes with only 7 wires.

it looks like this,


1 empity
2 headlights
3 ground it think i forgot to test it, its white
4 unknowen
5 left turn, and brake
6 right turn, and brake
7, 8 unknowen

so i will swing over to the auto zone or dicount (they are accross the street)
and look for the "ford 7 plug?"

I searched and someone said 95 and up are diff from 91-94 is this hogwash, or true. Worst case is i will splice into these, i would reather get the harness.

i also read about a heavy duty flasher, does this sound like a good idea also?????


UPDATE, well i went to NAPA, no dice, Auto bone, no dice, discount auto can get it but none instock. So i try wal mart and low and behold they have a Ford/Mazda round 6 prong 2 row kit for $30 bucks. I get it go to school. and head home its raining so i thought it was a good idea to take a short cut home.

Well someone put up muddy sand dunes my windshelid wipers are very old so i stop and think about the situation. Go forword 200 feet to pavment, or turn around and backtrack 5 miles in the pouring rain?? Well i locked in the hubs, in ankel deep white-clay-mud. i back up and go for it and hit a 2.5 foot hill better then the 4 footers. It was very soft i see the hill, then tree tops, and the ground, then stops b/c it was hung upsteer left then right it some how pull over. And then there was more little 4 footers too many so i look back and think well i am so close now. There is a way around but there were 8-10" round rocks on a 20-25deg slope that goes down to some water, so i had to balance hit the soft muddy slope with big rocks with hitting the unknowen water and mud, i do a fifty-fifty slit. Then i get to a large water hole, i tried to go around the best i could. But then there was more small muddy potholes so i can not stop here i a keep going, and a deep water hole with a small lip on the other side but i keep my speed up and go up and over. I made it. It would have been fun in the day time with a buddy, but not ata night in the rain alone. The last time i went through there it was in the was little harder this time.

sorry back on topic.

In the rain i crawl under and get the plug plug it in but the one i got NEEDS another plug on the other side i have only one. I can make it work by grounding some of the wires but that is rigging it. So $30 buck later and it does not work, it says in fine print 93-99 ranger and some others but no. I will just cut the plug off and slice it from there.

BTW i hear a clicking in the jack compartment it sound like a set of relays is that where the flashers are?

well moew updates, i cut the old 7 plug and tried the $2.50 tester thing that plugs in, you know what i mean, right? It says the trucks wired is right. but the trailer lights say other wise. Oh and my neighbors love the flowmaster ideling at midnight. Well atleast i can sleep now. I will check the trailer tomrrow

BTW i hear a clicking in the jack compartment it sound like a set of relays is that where the flashers are?
Those are the trailer wire relays that actually power the lights. The three wires you labeled don't power the lights, they just act as signals to close the respective relays. Actual power to the lights will come through the three unknown pins (when the relay is closed).

I bought my plug in from O'Reiley's. I had to order it like you said, but it was worth the wait to avoid the same mess you have going on. Another option might be to call UHaul and see what wiring harnesses they have.

well i walked into napa and they said go down the road to a place called Tim's Towing I walked in and said, Are you Tim? he said yes. I talked to him and he said owww let me look. and he found a old and i mean old package. It was yellowish clear plastic, and the rubber band was dried, it said 91 to current, but current was crossed off and said 94. This kind was the square 6 plug and it works!!!! untill i turn on the lights....But it is good for tomorrow.