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April 15, 2005
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2000 2WD 5.0
I have a 2000 V8 XLT with 140k miles. Bought new, and still love the truck!! I have a drag car and trailer I'm towing behind it now. Have Ranchero shocks F/R and Spring Helpers on the back half of the rear leafs. The car and trailer weigh about 5000 lbs. The truck pulls the trailer/car very well but the rear sags too much, even with the spring helpers. I've searched and seen treads on the AAL and am considering that, but I wondered, since my springs are pretty old, if there were a complete upgraded leaf assembly I could install that would raise the truck rear slightly and limit the sag when I was towing. Don't mind spending some decent money to do this since the alternative is new truck payments. :(

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you can get 2 inch lift spring specifclly made for towing.

SkanlaxJMO said:
you can get 2 inch lift spring specifclly made for towing.
I'm very interested in this. Can you give me some additional information? Mfr? P/N? Source?

Can anyone please help me with the 2" springs SkanlaxJMO mentioned??? I would really like to source these.

Check out Deaver, Alcan, and there is a canadian brand at custom suspesnion makes lift springs for explorers. COmapny's like Deaver and Alcan you can have a pack custom built for you to tow and have lift built into it. IF you want to just lift the rear up a bit you can stick in some long leafs out of an F-150 to beaf it up and lift the rear up a bit. You can also do a double or singel AAL. As another option they do make springs with helpers on them that the lift they give can be controled.

Here is the link to how to do the F-150 leaves
Here is an AAL how to

That's the information I needed. Thanks!!!!!!! :thumbsup: