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Trailmaster body lifts


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October 17, 2002
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Farber, MO
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2000 Explo Sport 4.0 SOHC
How good are the trailmaster body lifts? It says on the website they make kits for nearly every make/model light/medium truck

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I'm pretty sure they don't make them for 2nd gen Explorers. I'd go with a PA since everyone and their mamas (nearly) here have used them for 95+.

is there one out there for a 95X? they always say 96+

like will a 96 fit a 95?

David.. you talkin bout body or suspension lifts?

Id recommend going with the PA ranger body lift. From what I've heard trail disaster body lifts arent that great. Though im not sure what it is about them that makes then suck.