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Trails in New York or Area


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November 24, 2001
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Anyone know of any trails near Utica New York or down north of NYC, putnam, westchester county area? I have yet to offroad but want to go for some light trails. :rolleyes:
Thanks guys, just thinking about it gets me excited :bounce:

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hey there are some good places up north of utica, we have a cabin near old forge and go wheelin up there often.

cool, I actually just talked to someone the other night who told me where a bunch of trails are, I am gonna go check em out as soon as I have time, how much north are you talking about?

i was talkin bout an hour north of utica on 28, where were you told there are trails at? im always lookin for more up that way.

I am new here, up for college, I could find it on the map, I think the closet town I remember seeing is called Poland or something like that, it looks about 30-45 minutes northeast of utica, I can't wait to try em out, how often you come this way?

cool, i know the area.. or atleast go through it all the time. i try to get up that way as much as possible, id like to hit some of those trails.... let me know what u find, and where...

no problem, there is i slight chance I'll get off of work this sunday and get to go but I doubt it:fire:
I'll tell ya though, for sure