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Trails in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota


January 24, 2014
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1995 Ford Explorer EB
Hey all, so I've been doing some scouting around where I live, and I've found a few good spots that look like they'd be good to run around in.

With winter upon us, and having a 1-year-old, I don't really want to do any serious "gonna need a winch and swampers" stuff, but when spring rolls around I've got a couple friends that have 4x4's that want to hit some trails, plus I'm getting my wife a 4x4 at tax time and I know she wants to get it nice and muddy.

There's obviously the Gilbert OHV area, Google it, but I don't know that I want to go there due to the fact you gotta pay to use it; I'd rather find hidden gems, if you will. I live in an area known for heavy mine activity, but that does lead to some nice little spots for people to play in. I'm not going to give my exact location (let's just say potential stalker activity) but if anybody here knows of or has at least heard of Mott Pit, it's got some nice trails it looks like. I've walked them a little bit this past summer and fall and while I wouldn't dare attempt them solo, they could be fun as long as everyone going has recovery straps and decent tires.

I want to get a small-ish group together, guys who are wanting to get their trucks dirty but not too banged up. That, and it would be nice to meet folks who share at least some of my interests lol.

If you're interested in possibly setting up an Arrowhead group, either comment back here or inbox me and hopefully we can get something set up. Looking forward to finding people to run with this spring.

Holy crap, they do exist! :eek:

I was starting to believe that Minnesota guys on here were an extinct breed... :dead: I might be a little late to this party, but count me in for getting something together. I'm kinda green at this whole off-road thing (Alright, totally green...) and seeing as I've resolved to visit Moab this spring, I'm sure some practice is in order! I've got a friend that just purchased a blazer he plans to take with us this May, so I'm sure he would be totally in for some good shakedown runs.

As far as location goes, I'm down here in the Twin Cities, with no where to off-road and an itchy transfer case. My buddy's near the border, unfortunately on the cheesier side... :crazy: But he treks over to the cities pretty often, so it shouldn't be too big a deal for him.

Are you part of any local clubs in MN? I've been looking at TCOR, but haven't tried to contact them yet for info on meetings and get-togethers.:dpchug: