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Training 06 EB TPMS Sensors


March 31, 2006
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Cornelius, North Carolina
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1999 And 2006 V-8's
How do you train the 06 EB TPMS sensors?


I have been told if you rotate the tires or have to put air in, if they dont reset on thrie own after you drive like 50 miles or so they should reset. Or else you can find a tire shop they have to wave a "wand" like device infront of the wheels.

I have had no issues when the pressures have been set correctly with either "regular" or Nitrogen in the tires... as long as they are pumped up over the threshold and within the 4 lbs of each others...

I had a similar concern myself last year before rotating my tires. There was no problem and no extra steps required. Also I tested my sensors threshold and determined that the low tire pressure light will come on within 500 feet if any tire is 28 psi or lower. It automatically cleared itself within 500 feet of driving when I refilled to 35 psi. Remeber... our explorer tire pressure systems do not differentiate which tire is low, just that A tire is low. Therefore no problem with rotation.